Sleep Soundly App And Pest Free With These Glorious Gadgets!

Most of us like to live and let live, and why not? Those little bugs and beetles usually go through life minding their own business, bless them. But when they dare to interfere with our sleeping pattern, and encroach on our personal space, they’d better watch out! How many times have you been trying hard to get some sleep and heard the sound of a moth fluttering away behind your curtains? You try to blank it out but it’s no good, eventually the light switch goes on and out comes the rolled up newspaper. After a fun filled five minutes you find the poor thing and…game over! You hit the pillow ready for some serious dream filled action, and just as you’re nearly sparked out, the deceased moth’s big brother decides to turn up. If this type of activity is familiar, please check out this article for some really groovy gadgets that will banish these beastly bugs for good.

Multi-Hook Moth Killers – $8

As well as keeping you up in the night, moths are also pretty adept at munching away on your favourite shirts. By the time you’ve realised that your left sleeve is full of holes, you’re already at work. These very inexpensive little gadgets will sound the death knell for our furry flying friends. You simply hang the device up in your wardrobe and use the hooks for your coat hangers and there you go! The Moth Killer is chock full of a lethal dose of…well Moth Killer! They don’t stand a chance and your shirts and night will see no more moths for the foreseeable future.  They also come in a drawer friendly shape and will definitely protect your socks all year round.

Dust Mite Controller – $20

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from house mite allergies, and most of us are, you’ll say a little prayer of thanks for this excellent innovation. House mites can cause no end of problems including asthma, eczema and a terrible wheezy cough. They tend to hang out in carpets and they breed like nothing else on this planet. You can slay a few, every time you break out the vacuum cleaner, but millions are left behind. Well, this will be a thing of the past once you turn on this bad boy. The Dust Mite controller struts its funky stuff by emitting an ultrasonic noise that disrupts the reproductive cycle of these little devils. As a result, they tend to die off after a short time and your breathing habits can return to normal once more!

Spider Catcher – $15

Spiders aren’t evil, but it’s just the way they are shaped. And if God wanted us to love them, he would have been kinder with this feature! So if you have a soft spot for our arachnid allies, how do you remove them from your home without harming them? Well this cool little gadget feels their pain and offers a very humane way to deal with the multi legged monsters! You simply aim the end of the tube shaped gadget on top of the spider and press the button. You can release the captive outside or simply keep it inside until your sister returns, but that would be unkind, to the spider!

Insect Free Yet?

You’ll have your work cut out for you but at least these gadgets will give you a helping hand against those irritating little fellows.

Author Bio:

Today’s guest author, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger at ICE, a pest control service provider that provides services for rat control in Toronto. She is an avid reader and she likes painting in her spare time.

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This guest post is by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger and technology enthusiast. She uses guest posting to share her ideas about different fitness routines. She is currently a part of the team at Walk’N Comfort, an orthopedic shoe store in Toronto. You can catch up with her on Twitter @Nancy Baker. Google

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