Six Android Functions Can’t Be Found On The iPhone

The Android is open and can be customized; in contrast, in order to facilitate the management, the iOS is closed. But iPhone users are gradually mature and make a lot of individual needs. The Fireball contributor John Gruber said: “iPhone software design conveys a message which is that it is a new experience. Look around you, we are just here. IOS type computing experience is no longer novelty.” compared with 2007, the current mobile need is different, iOS must reflect this.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in D11 conference: “I think you’ll soon see the improved openness of the OS, but we will never put the user experience in risk, we won’t provide poor user experience.”

The following are some Android features the Apple iOS might lift the ban later:

1, Keyboard replacement

Many iOS users raise the request to be free to replace the keyboard. More laptop keyboards are available from To reduce the typewriter keyboard to the size of the touch screen may not guarantee input efficiency, especially in the case when the user operates the smart phone normally with only one hand. Android platform allows users to replace the device default keyboard to keyboard third party such as the SwiftKey keyboard and currently very popular Swype gesture typing keyboard, which can greatly improve the input efficiency.

2, Widget

The iOS Lock Screen and the homepage has been in static state. But now the real-time information smart phones can receive is more and more, such as weather information, traffic information, financial information and social networking information, the changeless wallpaper, icons and folders can mask a lot of instant messages. Android can extract those information from the application with widget, and then displayed on the lock screen and the main page, so that users can timely and conveniently access to those information. Although Apple has been trying to ensure the consistency of iOS interface, if the user can customize the interface according to their own preferences, then they will be more valuable and attractive.

3, Mobile application modification

Android has an advantage which has not yet been fully recognized, which is that it can change the most basic functions of the phone. Many applications allow users to block calls from certain numbers, or send them directly to voice mail, which in many cases provides users with convenience, such as dealing with constantly telemarketing calls or ex- boyfriend/girlfriend calls.

Apple has announced in the Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS 7 will have calls, SMS and FaceTime call blocking features. Apple hasn’t opened the permissions to developers to modify applications for basic phone calls, but chose to develop a limited blocking function themselves.

4, Homepage/Launcher replacement

A variety of customizable Launcher has been a favorite Android users feature, but the issue that Facebook Home put the open/close issue to the main problem, as it shows how to change the phone’s entire experience. Facebook Home allows users to read the news in the lock-screen page, there are other applications such as Go Launcher EX, LauncherPro and SO.HO allow users to navigate through gestures, quickly access to specific settings pages and provide a good default theme.

5, Cross-application functionality, data sharing and default settings

Difference from the iOS, Android does not erect barriers between different applications. With the help of App Intents, a variety of applications can easily share information and content, so the user can send a photo from an editing application to another application. They can even run on the basis of other applications, for example, no matter what application you are using, you can bring up the Facebook Chat Heads application to cover on the conversation of those applications. And in the iOS, Chat Heads only runs within Facebook applications. Android also allows users to open specific media content or perform a specific task default application. Users suggest Apple, it should allow users to only select the default browser and mapping applications.

6, Multi-user support

iOS does not support many people share one device. All users must use the operating system same instance. That means devices need to frequently login and logout variety of different applications, covering telephone book, sharing camera settings, etc., for those parents who occasionally give their phones or tablets to the children to play the game, it has been a headache. Android does not have such problem, it allows users to customize their own accounts and corresponding preferences.

Android also has many other personalized features, including automaticly setup tasks plan, quickly adjust the display brightness, WiFi and flight mode, track and manage battery function, restrict which applications can access specific data, and supporting to insert the SD memory card to add new data.

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