Services Offered by Easeus

In some cases, you have to clone your drive faster. The problem is that you don’t know what to do. It will be confusing especially if you don’t have enough knowledge. So, what do you have to do to solve this kind of problem? You don’t need to worry because is ready to help you to solve such kind of problem.

Disk Copy Service

Now, you don’t need to get confuse if you want to clone your disk especially for urgent purpose. This is because you can use one of their services known as disk copy service. In this case, this website supports you with specific software. The name of the software is disk cloning software. This type of software is suitable not only for business purpose but also for home user. This software is supported by specific system with can copy all parts of the original disk. Later, you will have a new disk which looks like the same with the original disk. Besides copying the original disk into a new disk in simple way, you can also get the result faster. Because of that, you can use this software for urgent purposes. It is really an effective and affordable drive clone service.

Backup Service

This service is also ready to backup your important data whether for business data or personal data. It is the same with the first service you can just backup your data faster and easier. This website is prepared specific software to backup your data. By using this software, you can protect your important data so you can take it anytime you want especially when your computer or your data is in a problem.

Interestingly, they are offering two different types of packages for you who need clone drive or backup data.

Free service

In this case, they give you free disk copy home package and also to do backup free. What you have to do is visiting the official website and download the package you want to use. By using this free service you can use several features. It is good although you don’t get as complete as purchased packages. In this case, you can get disk or partition cloning and sector level cloning although in slow speed. Even, you will get almost complete functions of free to do backup free. Those are including file level cloning in fast speed, backup disk, disk restore, and also hardware RAID supported.

Purchased service

Of course, you will get complete service if you take the purchased packages. There are three different purchased packages you can buy. Those are disk copy technician, to do backup home, and to do backup workstation. The good news is that you can purchase the packages in affordable price. Let say, you can just buy disk copy technician only for about $99. Even, you can purchase to do backup home and to do backup workstation cheaper. In specific, you just need to spend $29 and $39 for those two packages.

In short, if you have difficulty related to disk copy or data backup, you can just use EaseUS software service.