Server Microprocessor Market – Advanced Storage Interconnection Technologies Offering Growth

A microprocessor is a single chip that integrates the functions of the central processing unit of a computer. The microprocessor consists of functions such as data storage, logical functions, timing functions and interaction with the peripheral devices. The server processor is one of the major component of the server, that handles all the tasks or instruction assigned to it. Due to the demanding applications, the processor performance is an important parameter in its specifications.

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With the development of the advanced technology the microprocessor has evolved through a series of innovations, with respect to clock rate, operating frequency, storage capacity, increased number of transistors and registers. The server processors are designed to handle heavy workloads for the IT companies from data centers and server rooms to the cloud providers.

The server microprocessors are capable of providing multitasking performance for virtual environment. Server Microprocessors are designed in such a way that they can be operated at higher frequencies and can process data in memory and other sub systems. They are capable of overcoming any failure in case of shutdown or crash.

Server microprocessor contains more powerful processors as compared to the desktop computer. Also server microprocessors support multiple cores, multiple threads and multiple processors, to maintain its performance level. Server microprocessors have huge storage capacity with the facility to insert multiple disk into it. These disks are configured to look as a single disk to a user.

Server microprocessor offers advanced storage interconnection technologies such as serial attached SCSI (SAS) providing higher performance over to SATA, a primary storage device in desktop computers. The major factors that drives the server microprocessor market are growing IT industries demanding cloud based and web based services and increasing data centers.

The need to make compact devices or processors has given rise to the server microprocessor market. The major factor that restraints the growth of the server microprocessor market is the high cost involved. Faster the processor speed greater is the cost involved in it.

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However, due to the advantages of server processor over normal desktop processor, the server processors are more preferred depending on the applications. Increasing trends in the internet of things (IoT’s) is expected to offer more opportunities for the server microprocessor market.