Sentient Robots and their Predicted Impact on Humanity

Sentient Robots and their Predicted Impact on Humanity

Sentient Robots

Progress in robotics is pointing away from average science fiction theories where humans need to be afraid of sentient robots. Instead, it could be the non-sentient artificial intelligence that we need to worry about.

The AI Revolution
The arrival of sentient robots is only a matter of time, if the current accelerated rate of research and development is maintained. Meanwhile, the world of artificial intelligence has been undergoing a sort of revolution over the recent past. They have already gone from simple task performance to beating humans in chess, bartending, driving our cars, and incorporating advanced features such as face recognition and voice recognition. Researchers are saying that developments on fully conscious and also self-aware artificial intelligence are, however, several decades away from coming to fruition.

The primary phases of research into the world of sentient AI is to create robots that have a type of generalized intelligence. This includes the incorporation of several key features from fundamental as well as advanced robotics of today, along with the capacity for additional learning.

Expectations vs. Reality
A lot of people are of the opinion that the final destination in the development of artificial intelligence is the creation of self-aware robots, thanks to popular science fiction endeavors. A team of researchers from the University of Texas are already on their way to create self-aware AI and showing that there is no such thing as an endgame in self-awareness when it comes to advanced robotics. Their team has already developed robots that can, for instance, wriggle around to understand their own bodies, imitate what they hear, or cry when they are hit, or even robot explorers that learn what they have explored.

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