Scientists discover breakthrough mechanism to harvest energy

Scientists discover breakthrough mechanism to harvest energy


Scientists from the royal society have discovered an ideal method to harvest energy from water. Using virtualization, they have found the ideal wing shape for strong vortices or swirling flows. This research can pave way for improving current energy harvesting as well as for improving airspeed.

The researchers relied heavily on our understanding of evolutionary biology. The 3-D virtualization technology allowed them to visualize different birds, their wing shapes and speed and study them easily. The researchers later narrowed down their search to a selected pair of wing and mixed their attribute to create perfection.

The ideal solution came up as razor-thin trailing edge.

3-D technology as a bridge between science and future

In total, the researchers recreated 15 generations of wings evolving in wing shapes to reach the fastest one. The researchers also pitted the birds against one another to compare their different advantages and weaknesses. According to Leif Ristroph, one of the researchers, studying the various aspects of the birds and wings allowed them to identify the ideal shape.

The research has still way to go before it can be applied towards a commercial or a larger purpose. However, the research unveils an insightful tale of how 3-D technology is serving as a bridge between today’s science and future.

The researchers see the project as a proof-of-concept for much more complex and wider applications. Using this research, engineering problems like designing a shape to reduce air as well other forms of drag on objects can lead to better solutions.

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