Scientists Developed a Device to Boil Water from the Sun Radiations

Scientists Developed a Device to Boil Water from the Sun Radiations


The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented the device, which can soak heat from the sun to boil water. This device is able to produce steam with more than 100 degree Celsius. This device will put off on the top of the water to avoid possibilities of contamination. This research and details of the device are published in Nature Communications.

More about the Device:

The suspended device is the size of the small digital tablet and structured like a sandwich. The material that efficiently absorbs the solar radiation is at the top layer of the device. The bottom layer emits the heat to the water until it boils to 100 degree Celsius. It releases steam after reaching to 100 degree Celsius. This steam is funneled in the middle layer, which contains foam-like material, which heats the steam. It is a passive system; leave it outside and it will start working. Thomas Cooper, assistant professor at York University and one of the team leader at the study said that this technology could be used on large scale. This technology can be used for generating the drinking water.

This device is structured for absorbing wavelength such as infrared that can be absorbed by water than solar wavelengths. The researchers attached the outlet tube to the end of foam for collecting the steam on exit. Thus, they have positioned the device on the basin with the surrounding entire setup with polymer enclosure for ensuring the heat escape.

The device is an intelligent combination of materials and great arrangement for achieving high efficiencies for non-contact arrangements.

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