Schools Improve Security by Opting for Facial Recognition Technology

Schools Improve Security by Opting for Facial Recognition Technology


The surveillance system of an upstate New York school district will soon receive an innovative upgrade with face recognition. This is to prevent sex offenders, expelled students, and other possible troublemakers from entering school premises. The technology will be used to check each entrant against an exhaustive database of such people. This could be the beginning of a trend likely to take shape among more number of schools wary of shootings. The technology is expected to see large adoption in schools in the coming years. A Seattle firm has started to offer a free edition of its face recognition system to schools.

New York Civil Liberties Union Wishes to Keep Face Recognition Out of Schools

There has already been a debate opened up in the community with the introduction of Lockport district’s plan. However, the discussion about facial recognition technology reaches far beyond. Recently, government regulation was called for in Microsoft president Brad Smith’s blog. The New York Civil Liberties Union called the technology inaccurate and invasive and wants to keep it out of schools throughout New York and Lockport.

Face recognition systems in schools could allow them to customize their response to people who have been flagged for alert. Schools could also register students’ faces if they opt for it. This year, summer camps have a new trick under their belly to keep track of students – face recognition. Over 100 summer camps have signed up for the technology to help parents have a glimpse of their children away from home, at the camps, according to a leading daily.

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