Scale-out NAS Market – Implementation of Storage Capacity System

Scale-out NAS is an advanced structure to enhance the storage capacity. In order to do that it increases and boosts the total capacity of disk spaces. Scale-out network attached storage (NAS) is being implemented to the storage capacity by adding and configuring scale-out NAS automatically whenever required. It increases the network capacity of the devices and when scale-out system reaches to its limit, it automatically allows another added array to expand system capacity. Architecture of scale out NAS includes a single added cluster. Each devices (node) have individual storage capacity which may be in the form of spindles, own processing power and I/O (input /output) bandwidth, resulting in increased storage capacity, thereby increasing the performance.

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Implementation of storage capacity system has improve the life structure of organizations to an extreme level and flexibility on the change of storage use. Moreover, the Scale-out NAS has tremendous contribution towards the development of storage capacity. The use of Scale-out NAS offers many advantages to the organization. Earlier, enterprises used to invest heavily for a large storage array. Companies ended up paying more for storage. The scale-out NAS solves this problem and also reduces upfront cost for increasing the capacity of the devices. Primarily, the market is driven by huge growth in the size and volume of the data leading towards the increase in the demand of scale-out NAS market.

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The scale-out NAS can be segmented on the basis of components, software, storage technology, deployment type, and organization size, vertical and by region. Based on the components, the scale-out NAS has been segmented into software and services. The software market of scale-out NAS is increasing owing to the increasing demand of storage system and quick access required by enterprises for generating theses data file. The software segment is further divided into data protection, big data, high performance computing, data management & integration and n-memory data grid.

All these software makes the scale-out technology more flexible and protective to the enterprises. By development, the scale-out NAS is sub segmented into public and private cloud. These segment already have a strong presences in the market. Based on vertical segment, the scale-out NAS market is segmented into the banking financial services & insurance (BFSI), IT & telecom, healthcare, government, manufacturing and education & academy.

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Geographically, scale-out NAS technology is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. Asia Pacific region is expected to experience high growth of scale-out NAS market, due to rising amount of data generation and high adoption of advanced storage technologies. The number of startup and SME are growing rapidly in this region which in turn is driving the demand of scale-out technology market. North America and Asia Pacific are expected to grow exponentially due to stringent security systems and rise in investments for upcoming projects across the regions.