Samsung Eyes The iPad Mini Market With Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung may be credited to be one of the initiators of the 7-inch tablet market. It has ruled for quite a long duration in the segment as giants like Apple had not stepped into the segment until then. Recently, Apple rolled out its iPad mini to shift to the smaller size of devices and within 4 months of the launch of the iPad mini, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8.0 which the South Korean Manufacturer in any way cannot convince the market not to be an iPad mini competitor.

The launch of the Galaxy Note 8.0 efficiently hints that the South Korean Tech Manufacturer is not at all ready to lose its hold on any front of the Tablet industry. In the recent past, Samsung has always been on the top of the list of any buyer due to its competitive pricing. Now, it seems like the entry of Apple with the iPad mini priced reasonably to dominate the mid-sized tablet market somehow threatened Samsung.

The iPad mini has got a 7.85-inch display and the mesmerizing power of the Apple logo to lure the buyers. The power of the brand is something that doesn’t need an introduction. However, until now owning an Apple device was something that made sure to burn a hole in the buyer’s pockets but, the iPad mini launched within an affordable price range completely changed the innovative manufacturer’s image in the market. Apple also efficiently showcased how a 7.85 inch screen provides significantly increased front real estate by increasing only a few inches in the dimension, thereby creating a new product segment (as Apple always does). Samsung, who was doing quite well in terms of selling the tablets, took an immediate step to counter this.

The surprising element here is the fact that it may be the first time that a manufacturer has priced it device costlier than that of Apple’s, especially when the spec sheet of the two devices are so close to each other. While the Screens of the two devices are almost the same, the Note 8.0 offers a bit sharper resolution. Also, the Note 8.0 has got a more powerful processor complemented by Exynos 4 Quad Chip, 2GB RAM and a more powerful battery. The superiority that arrives to the iPad mini is from the Camera that it packs.

The other main element that differentiates the two devices is the operating system and it entirely depends on the choice of the buyer between the dynamics of an iOS and Android OS. An iOS has always held a strong position in the tech industry and here, the impressive Apple image for the first time is supported by a cheaper price tag. But, it is going be real tough this time for Apple to blow its magic to suppress the superior tech sheet of the Note 8.0 in the same price range.

However, in any way the choice is difficult with both the gadgets having their own merits and demerits but, the combat between the highly perceptible half cut Apple logo and the device designed for inspirational deeds is surely going to be too heated this time.

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