Samsung Electronics to Offer Storage Drive for High-end Applications

Samsung Electronics to Offer Storage Drive for High-end Applications

Samsung Electronics to Offer Storage DriveSamsung Electronics has come up with a storage drive that can store up to 800-gigabyte (GB) of data. This solid state storage drive has been named the SZ985 Z-SSD™ and is to be used for the most progressive enterprise applications and that comprise supercomputing for the analysis of Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is popularly known as.

The brand new Z-SSD to make an offering of a new level of storage facility for today’s big data and Internet of Things (IoT) applications and artificial intelligence (AI) that are based on its ultra-low latency, high reliability, and high performance.

The Drive to Meet the Demand of Next Generation Super Computers

Developed in the year 2017, the brand new 800GB Z-SSD makes an offering of the most efficient and effective solution of data storage for such high-speed log data processing and cached data. It also offers data storage for other enterprise storage applications which are further being made so as to meet the burgeoning growing demand rising out of the markets of big data and Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.

Senior vice president, Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering at Samsung Electronics, Jinman Han states that with such leading-edge 800GB Z-SSD storage facility, the company hopes to contribute substantially to the rising demand arising out of next-generation supercomputing systems in the forthcoming years. The company has pledged to come up with next generation Z-SSDs with greater product competitiveness and much higher density in a bid to continue with its lead the industry thereby bolstering growth of the market for premium SSD*.

Owing to such high amount of reliability, the 800GB Z-SSD ensures up to 30 drive writes every day (DWPD) for the five consecutive years, or a total of around 42 petabytes.