Samsung Confident of Success of its Brand New Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Confident of Success of its Brand New Galaxy Note 8


Samsung is ready to launch its new Galaxy Note 8, at the event – The Bell, in the late August. Galaxy Note 8 is anticipated to have a display with larger dimensions than Samsung S8+ and it is expected to have two rear cameras and a stylus S pen.

Some of the tech and gadget analysts say that Samsung is moving very carefully with Note 8, learning from its mistakes with Note 7. Note 7 had caused a very big loss for Samsung because of their overheating batteries. But, they think even though Samsung is very careful, because of their blunder with Note 7 people will hesitate to trust the new phones from Samsung.

However, a few optimists have expressed that even with the issues last year, Samsung’s products haven’t lost their grip in market and it barely had any effects on Samsung loyalists.

It is further forecasted that that the high price of this phone may affect its sale, but not the reasons like Note 7’s battery defects.

Overcoming the Previous Mistakes

For the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has been repeatedly apologized to their loyal Note customers. They started implementing 8-point battery safety check that has tests including x-ray test, visual inspection, and durability test. Even after Note 7, Samsung had launched S8 and S8+ smartphones, for which no such complaints were lodged.

It is very difficult to comment on how the latest Note will be accepted by audience, but Samsung is confident about their loyal Note customers and is all set to launch its brand-new Galaxy Note 8.