Robots are Learning to Work Together

Robots are Learning to Work Together

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The prospect of an intelligent, never-tiring, and human-like robot has fascinated humanity for centuries. However, high costs and technological advancements limited the scope of our vision earlier. This is going to change soon. Robots are learning to work together and soon will change the human world through real-world applications.

This is already happening. Robots are expected to change the face of logistics, food, and security industries. A company named 6 River Systems calls its robots chucks and these chucks use cloud technology for warehouse operations. They work side by side human colleagues to complete and coordinate various warehouse tasks using cloud software.

Similarly, Cobalt Robotics is changing security systems for better. The company’s robots allow human beings to efficiently monitor CCTV footage. The company has delivered cost-savings for many companies and promises to replace age-old security measures in the near future.

Big Companies like Amazon Leading the Upcoming Robotic Revolution


Who can forget Amazon? The company recently opened a completely self-service store in the United States. It has also transformed its warehouse operations with the help of robots. Some experts have also raised fears that Amazon’s robots could soon replace its workers in warehouses.

The market for cobot has reached nearly 300 million recently. Cobots are a type of robots that work in co-operation with human beings to take the efficiency to the next level. Basically, robotics today offers a lucrative venue for companies as costs related to robotics continue to fall. Similarly, technological advancements have made cobots to leverage them for smart manufacturing.

In the near future, these robots are just going to get better. Cobots are becoming more flexible and accurate on account of advanced sensor technology. Sensors, radars, AI, and GPS are further aiding their capabilities to facilitate adoption.

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