Robot to Entertain and Serve Coffee at a Tokyo Cafe

Robot to Entertain and Serve Coffee at a Tokyo Cafe


There is a new coffee house in the Japanese capital where robot barista brew and serve delicious coffee to customers. The robot called Sawyer who made a debut this week at Henna Cafe at Shibuya, downtown shopping and business district of Tokyo. The name of the coffee shop means “strange café” in Japanese.

This single-armed robot greets customers and scans tickets that have been purchased from a vending machine.

Serving Brewed Coffee and Entertaining Customers Go Hand in Hand

The barista with a screen that displays a pair of cartooned eyes says “Would you care for a delicious coffee? I can make one better than human beings around here.” The robot can grind coffee beans and fill a filter. It can also pour hot water over a paper cup for a maximum of five people at once. A cup of brewed coffee by the robot costs around 320 yen or US$ 3 and can take around few minutes.

The robot Sawyer is also capable of operating an automated machine for six different hot drinks comprising hot chocolate, green tea, latte, and cappuccino. Customers, mostly young men, enthusiastically clicked photos with the robot as they waited for their turn in a queue.

The cafe operator is a travel agency called H.I.S. Co. and they say that robots can improve upon the productivity whilst entertaining customers at the same time.

Masataka Tamaki, general manager of corporate planning at H.I.S., said that the robot is a crucial point in enhancing the productivity of the café. He further said that only one person is needed to look after the robot café as opposed to several people at a regular coffee shop, so as to enable serving better quality coffee at an affordable price.

Tamaki further mentions that it’s not only about efficiency but also about entertaining the customers.

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