Road Safety Market: Growing Population of Road Users

Road Safety Market: Growing Population of Road Users

traffic-cone-3110165_960_720Road safety involves products and services that are being introduced in market to prevent and reduce risk of accidents, maintain traffic discipline, control and curb wayward vehicle movement and ensure safe travel of commuters. The components of traffic safety include median barrier, crash cushions, guardrail, and end treatments; truck escape ramps and breakaway supports for signs and light standards. Constant need of road safety for commuters, reducing traffic and congestion on the road, new infrastructure development and longer commuting and many more are some of factors which are going to boost the overall road safety market. In order to ensure that the increasing vehicle population does not adversely affect social costs and productivity, there is a continuous growing demand of road safety solutions and services.

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The main drivers for growth of global road safety market is due to rapid increase in urbanization, growth in mobility and associated increasing demand for transportation systems, growing stringent government regulations for road safety and continuous increase in road accidents. The global road safety is expected to grow in the forecast period. Insufficient government funding, difficulties to implement advanced road safety infrastructure, over growing population of road users are some of factors which are affecting the growth of global road safety market.

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The global road safety market can be categorized on the basis of solution such as speed enforcement, automatic license plate recognition, red light enforcement, bus lane compliance, incident detection system, and others. On the basis of service, the global road safety market can be categorized into professional services and managed services. The professional road safety services can be further categorized into training, support and maintenance, consulting and system integration, risk assessment and analysis. On the basis of geography, the global road safety is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America.