Researchers unveil Adaptive Virtual Organisms of the Future

Researchers unveil Adaptive Virtual Organisms of the Future


Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world to frontiers where stuff of legends that Hollywood movies are made of, seems possible today. A team of researchers from University of Bucharest have developed something similar. They have created a virtual organism, which combines reconfigurable hardware agents, abstract intelligent thinking, and adaptive software agents.

This research combines entities that have puzzled and intrigued scientists for ages. For example, psychology often aims to study the relationship between the body and mind. Similarly, biology has always tried to explain the relationship between organs and functions.

Their virtual organism model was outlined via a paper published on arXiv. It aims to bind software and hardware to better understand various forms of AI including robotics, IOT, and other technological advances.

Potential of Agapia as programming language

The researchers have been using Agapia as the main programming language for the research. According to the researchers, the language has a unique application in AI research. The language allows the researchers to use dataflow and control flow structures freely, unlike very few others. The language allows for such a usage as it is domain-specific and It is ideal for programming interactive systems.

The virtual organisms proposed would theoretically create a structure, which embeds various hardware capabilities and manages several functions implementing the various software requirements. If this model comes to life soon, it could provide a new assembly structure to various researchers and for new applications.

The virtual organism also leaves room for adaption, which is really unique. The program learns as it encounters new situations. Through this research, the researchers have demonstrated the usefulness of Agapia. This research can pave way for a more dynamic and robust mechanism for AI technology to evolve in the future.

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