Researchers to Make Use of Smartphones to Track Alertness at Work

Researchers to Make Use of Smartphones to Track Alertness at Work


A team of scientists have recently developed a smartphone tool, which can completely track a person’s alertness at work and further helps in identifying when it is most productive. The tool has been named as Alertness Scanner. This tool has been developed by scientists from the University of Cornell in the U.S. that will measure the pupil size and then capture it through a gust of photographs, which are taken every time when the users will unlock their smartphones.

A doctoral student at Cornell, Vincent W S Tseng stated that as they alertness keeps fluctuating and if they can find out a specific pattern then it will be quite useful to schedule and manage their day. As the traditional methods of analyzing the alertness is considered as cumbersome, which often includes some devices that needs to be worn. The team of researchers wanted to design a new way so as to calculate the alertness continuously and unobtrusively.

Furthermore, as people make use of their phones quite frequently throughout the day, the team of researchers were thinking if they could make use of phones as an instrument, which will measure and understand their alertness. In addition to this, as the eyes of people are quite affected by their alertness, so when people are using their phone and looking at it, then they could use that one moment so as to understand their alertness at that point.

At the time, when people are attentive, then their sympathetic nervous system makes the pupils to further dilate so as to make it quite easier in order to take in the information. And at the time when are in a drowsy state the parasympathetic nervous system can cause the pupils to contract.