Researchers Hack Older Hotel Key Locks Based on RFID

Researchers Hack Older Hotel Key Locks Based on RFID

keycardTwo researchers at F-Secure have recently announced to the press that they have devised a method to hack hotel room key locks operated via the older RFID technology. Now they plan to provide a presentation on their findings at this year’s Infiltrate conference.

Researchers Take over a Decade to Develop Technique

The locks in question are made by VingCard. In a press meeting, they informed that they initiated the entire process at the behest of a friend whose laptop got stolen from the room and there was no evidence of an entry. It has taken the duo over a decade to develop the technique. As a result, they have come up with a system of hardware and software which can duplicate a master key by making use of a room key which is not in use or has been disabled. The system is comprised of Proxmark RFID card reader and writer and a software developed by the researchers called Tomi Tuominen and Timo Hirvonen. It works with just locks that been programmed leveraging Vision Software, written by engineers at VingCard.

However, the two researchers add that their hack is slightly dated since the software for the locks was written 20 years back. While most hotels have lapped up newer technologies, there are still a few hotels that use the older lock system. Besides helping to gain the privileges of the master key, the hacking system also enabled them to unlock hotel security system in other parts, namely a VIP elevator and a garage. However, the duo have not furnished any information on if their discovery might be useful for other kinds of systems based on RFID.

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