Researchers Found Ways to Prevent Cyberattacks in Medical Devices

Researchers Found Ways to Prevent Cyberattacks in Medical Devices


The RSNA, Radiology Society of North America, presented a study on some of the potential cyberattack risks in medical imaging. It was revealed that internet connectivity can increase the risk of malicious cyberattacks in hospitals. Many cyberattack experts and researchers have started to work on mitigating these potential risks before they convert into a real threat. Medical devices such as MRI, X-ray, mammography, and others are more prone to cyberattacks that can disable the functioning of machines. Also, CT devices may possess highest cyberattack risks as these are the most crucial devices in hospitals.

What Makes Security and Safety Mechanisms Integrated in CT Devices vulnerable to Hacking?

Different methods of increasing the security features in CT devices was identified by the researchers from Ben-Gurion University, Israel. Furthermore, they also explained it by demonstrating how a hacker might bypass the security functionalities of a CT equipment so as to manipulate its behavior. The CT machine uses ionizing radiations. In extreme cases, the bringing undue alternations to dose could provide a negative impact on the image quality of the machine. This might result into posing some harm to patients. Further, the researchers added that we need to focus on solutions to protect these medical devices. A teaching assistant and a candidate at Ben-Gurion University explained that the solution developed by them monitor commands from CT machine before execution. Also it would send alerts or cease to function in case of hacking.

The researchers further opined that our solution is a device-focused approach and is the last line of defense for imaging equipment. Also, hospitals should take precautionary and proactive measures to avoid such cyberattacks.

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