Researchers Create New Façade that Improve Energy Efficacy of Buildings

Researchers Create New Façade that Improve Energy Efficacy of Buildings


‘Two researchers at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) have recently created a ventilated façade equipped with a double chamber and a flow control device, which ensures less energy consumption in buildings. This efficient and sustainable solution can be utilized in both new buildings and renovations due to its simplicity and ease of application. In a building, the facade is the key constructive element in order to meet the needs of interior comfort and energy efficiency. The design, the system type, and the correct execution of the façade are important factors, with which the exact energy consumption of the construction is determined.

Nowadays, the air flow expenses consists of 40–65% of the complete expenditure of a building structure. The constructions in a Mediterranean-continental type of weather, as in Spain, experience energy losses in winter through east and north facades, owing to extremely low temperatures. Similarly, these constructions capture energy in summer through their west and south facades on account of solar radiation. In both the cases, the airflow is required in the building in a bid to maintain the appropriate inner conditions for residents, countering the energy gains and losses via the building envelope.

In an effort to enhance the energy efficacy of facades, the researchers have created a new system of ventilated façade. The traditional ventilated facades are prepared using a ventilation chamber, thermal insulation, inner sheet, and exterior finish. This innovative facade supplements the device with a second air chamber in between the current one and the facade insulation.

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