Researchers at IIT Roorke Discover Technology to Build Bricks from Plastic Waste

Researchers at IIT Roorke Discover Technology to Build Bricks from Plastic Waste


The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorke, has yet again proven itself, as researchers from that institute have developed a technology to produce tiles and bricks by using plastic waste. The main substance required is polymer substance, which a high density polyethylene material (HDPE). Other substances required are fibrous substance and a chemical that is developed in the institute. For the general formation, one requires any plastic waste that can be derived from broken or old items such as buckets, pipes, bottles, chairs or mobile covers. And for the fibrous substance one needs to have substance that are high in fiber such as rice, wheat, corn straws, jute, coir, hemp fiber, or human hair.

The team of researchers is developing the required organic chemical from olefins. Domestically available ingredients will help in developing the chemical. It will help in binding the polymer and fiber material that will strengthen the composites.

The process of making bricks and tiles from plastic waste is quite simple. Where the mixture of plastic and fibrous material is heated at a temperature of 110 to 140 degrees, and set it in mould with the chemical and left it for a while to cool it down. And after a while the brick will be ready to use.

Another specification given by the researchers is that if human hair is used as a raw material for fibrous substance it will be more beneficial. As they are lighter in weight, have high tensile strength, and are easily biodegradable. It has been found that products made from hair fiber have good mechanical properties and are highly resistant to corrosion, specially came after the products made by HDPE where human hair were used as a fiber substance. The researchers at the institute have mainly focused on human hair because that are easily available in hamlets in good quantity, thus this natural resource can be of great help in making sturdy titles.