Reebok SB-01 Space Boots Labeled Revolutionary Footwear for Astronauts

Reebok SB-01 Space Boots Labeled Revolutionary Footwear for Astronauts

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New space boots by Reebok, SB-01 has been prognosticated to be a game-changing innovation in footwear for astronauts. In the last 50 years or so, there could hardly be any memories of space boots being innovated or updated until this exposition of avant-garde breakthrough was introduced by the footwear giant. The company has been expected to shake hands with David Clark Company over the business of upgrading space boots. With responsive cushioning and lightweight properties, the revolutionary space footwear could be worn by astronauts heading toward a forthcoming mission to an international space station.

Hottest Innovation by Reebok, Floatride Foam Features in SB-01

Reebok’s novelty has been tested to the core with its latest modernization in astronaut’s boots. The company takes pride in cutting-edge features such as floatride foam that SB-01 has been equipped with. The foam could prove to be critical for a smooth fusion of responsiveness and cushioning. The supportive foam rim provided helps to balance and center feet through the gait cycle. Astronauts will experience adaptive comfort as a seam-free, zone-engineered Ultraknit upper construction offers breathable flexibility and support.

Director of development–advanced concepts, Matt Montross has said that SB-01 has introduced three revolutionary features on the back of floatride foam. Reebok’s new space boots could be a strong contender against their conventional variants that are not integrated into the actual space suit and made of rigid leather with firm soles. SB-01 has been expected to reduce the overall weight in space travels. Besides added comfort, the boots have been prophesied to deliver a new level of style and sleekness.

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