Tuya Smart Introduces Advanced Facial Recognition for Smart Devices

Tuya Smart Introduces Advanced Facial Recognition for Smart Devices


Startup Tuya Smart brought to CES 2019 a new home security system that claims to be able to spot known and not familiar faces. In addition to its long but controversial use in law enforcement and security, facial recognition makes this possible as technology is gaining traction in a range of consumer, automotive, retail and hotel services. Tuya unveils a brand new synthetic housing security (A.I.) system that uses the facial recognition expertise to establish each household member. Tuya Smart says the system has facial recognition and is able to warn you when a stranger is at the door.

The company claims that its facial recognition algorithms “can be used in products produced by any manufacturer of intelligent home technology” as well as integrated with its own safety system. Tuya Smart works with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well.

Strongest Application May Emerge in Retail

Although smartphones have for some have used facial recognition, new applications include home and office care and entrance systems, together with retail applications.

Imagine entering a shop where a robot welcomes you, lets you know that your order is ready online and then proposes other products you would like to take.

CEO Steve Carlin of SoftBank Robotics said the technology might also be used in hotels where an automated system would deliver a personalized experience to a regular customer. He explained how the Pepper robot could provide customized attention to the retail customer.

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