Toyota’s New Robot can Play Basketball

Toyota’s New Robot can Play Basketball


Toyota Motor Corp.’s robot, named Cue 3, hardly misses a free throw or a 3-pointer. It showed this ratio during a demonstration at Tokyo suburb on Monday. The engineers say this ratio is worse than usual. They added that it estimates the basket in 3D using sensors and adjusts motors inside arms. Further, it uses knees to throw a ball at a right angle.

These efforts by robots are very similar to human efforts, which make them advanced. This might shift robotics to use preprogrammed mechanical arms in some situations to function in the real world.

Although robotic version in the year 2017 was able to make free throws, its accuracy has now improved.

Yudai Baba, a basketball player of Japan, was a part of demonstrations and who missed a couple of shots. He said human players are a better player for now. But, if the robots learn the trick of playing smartly he can accept them in a team.

Possible applications of robot

The company is playing with technology for improving its utility and boosting the morale of engineers. This will help open ideas to use the technology and overcome existing challenges. Additionally, experts in technology believe that it can mimic human movements. This can be useful for picking crops, working in factories, and delivering goods to some distance at the warehouse.

For now, the robot demonstrates good vision and identification systems to estimate the path of executing the object. Japan is increasingly looking to manufacture humanoids, which can help for numerous applications.

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