Plex announces DIY TV Streaming Service at Competitive Prices

Plex announces DIY TV Streaming Service at Competitive Prices

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Plex, the popular personal media player system originally meant for organizing users’ personal media collections is setting the tone for watching live over-the-air TV using a digital antenna. Prior to this, the company expanded to serve the cost cutter market with the introduction of DVR capabilities that enabled users to record their favorite programs.

Keeping up with the move, Plex is enhancing its support for recording over-the-air signals that will not only allow users record TV programs, but will also allow them to watch live TV. This brings to users a new category of services in the streaming market featured by pay-TV live experience over the Internet. The do-it-yourself version with low-cost is a bonus for users for a live TV streaming experience. However, the live TV streaming experience is limited to channels that are available over the air, which include broadcast stations such as FOX, NBS, CBS, CW, Univision etc.

Plex Adds Vendor Support beyond HDHomeRun

While presently the digital antenna and HDHomeRun digital tuner are the requisites for the live TV streaming from Plex, the company is adding its lineup of vendors for digital tuners beyond HDHomeRun. Some USB tuners that users can advantage are Hauppauge and Avermedia among others.

Plex’s live TV streaming provides a host of other features as well. Users can filter available programming by genre, channel, content rating, year, or even actor. The ‘Shows on Now’ button enables users to see movies, news, sports, or TV series that are currently on air. The Program Guide also makes recommendations for content viewing based on what the user has been watching on Plex.