Plastic Vials and Ampoules Market – Explores New Growth Opportunities By 2026

Plastic vials and ampoules are small plastic containers and are used especially for storing pharmaceuticals and chemicals that must be protected from air or contamination Plastic vials and ampoules are generally thin-walled plastic or glass containers, which are filled and sealed by either pull sealing or tip sealing. Plastic ampoules are usually opened by snapping of the upper neck of the container.

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Moreover, ampoules are filled with inert and non-reactive gases to avoid chemical/liquid spill while opening. Some examples of chemicals sold in plastic vials and ampoules include air sensitive reagents, hygroscopic materials like deuterated solvents, injectable pharmaceuticals etc. Furthermore, plastic vials and ampoules are color coded at the neck to facilitate the user in identifying the chemical/liquid contained inside it. Moreover, these codes are machine readable codes which facilitates in accurate handling of the substance especially for labelling, secondary packaging and storage purposes.

The global plastic vials and ampoules market is mainly driven by increasing use of sealed ampoules in pharmaceutical industry, food and beverages industry and chemical industry. Moreover, increasing demand for safer transportation of reactive liquids is fuelling the growth of the market. However, presence of electrostatic charge in plastic vials may attract/react with the contained liquid and in turn may limit the growth of the market.