Pharmaceutical Plastic Packaging Market – Competitive Landscape and Regional Analysis by 2018-2025

Over the last few years, the packaging is among the high growth industries driving by expanding pharmaceutical, FMCG, manufacturing, and healthcare sector globally. Packaging helps in identification of products, protects the contents of the product from leakage, contamination, spoilage, and etc. Moreover, various manufacturers are using packaging as a promotional strategy to attract the attention of the consumers while buying.

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Therefore, pharmaceutical plastic packaging represents a significant share in the packaging industry which are specifically designed to meet the packaging requirements for pharmaceutical substances such as capsules, tablets, sterile injectable, solutions & suspensions, and others. Thus, plastic packaging helps in protecting medicines form materialistic damage and contamination of the external environment which can affect the properties of pharmaceutical products.

The pharmaceutical plastic packaging comprises of the primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging system, in which, primary packaging includes blister packs, bottles, and aerosol spray can. Secondary packaging comprises of cartons and boxes. Other than that, tertiary packaging system contains barrel, edge protector, and container.

Pharmaceutical Plastic Packaging Market: Drivers and Restraints

Factors such as increasing demand for prescription dose medicines rise in research and development activities, and growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging is expected to driving the growth of the global pharmaceutical plastic packaging market. Moreover, growing prevalence of chronic diseases, expanding pharmaceutical industry, affluence in developing countries such as India and China, technological development, innovation in the packaging material, and rise in the generic market are some of the primary factors driving the growth of the pharmaceutical plastic packaging market over the forecast period.

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However, stringent government regulations related to consumer safety and environmental protection, availability of substitute for plastics such as glass and metal, and fluctuation in raw material price may limit the growth of the pharmaceutical plastic packaging market during the forecast the period.