Organic and Healthy Meds are Paving New Way for Family Health

Organic and Healthy Meds are Paving New Way for Family Health


Majority of us take it for granted that the medications we take will always be beneficial for our health. When it is the case with our children, we usually pay a close attention to the long list of ingredients on the packaging label. The same was the case with the CEO of Genexa, David Johnson, whose company based out of Beverly Hills and is a CA-based manufacturer of non-GMO, organic medicines. 

Johnson was born and brought up in the family of chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, and thus has been associated with natural healthcare almost his entire life. Becoming a new father led him to research about the ingredients on the packaging labels of the traditional medicines for kids. What he discovered shocked him completely. 

He found that many elements in the over-the-counter prescription medicines are downright unhealthy for kids and is written there right on the packaging itself. He thus co-founded Genexa with a resentment towards feeling helpless when his kids got sick. And he didn’t like the elements listed on their meds as well. He feels that medicines for children should be completely free of allergens, synthetic fillers, and toxins. With that view, he co-created Genexa, a healthier, cleaner medicine for the whole family. 

The company was co-founded with Max Spielberg and they worked with a vision to develop products free of elements they considered unhealthy. This process consisted R&D of over three years to create the technology required to make these medicines organic, natural, and healthy. The company now has several patents pending on the outstanding and groundbreaking product innovations that brought the concept of organic medicine into reality.