Online Travel Booking Offering Best Deals with Help of Hashtags

Online Travel Booking Offering Best Deals with Help of Hashtags


Ritu Mehrotra, country manager for India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka at online travel platform, has an innovative idea for business management. In an interview, Mehrotra stated that entrepreneurs should focus more on customers or users instead of competition. She invented the idea on pay-at-hotel model, which facilitates online booking for free.

The idea has gained immense popularity in India as it reduces friction between partners and users. Mehrotra is also focusing on making Booking Lite app for areas still lacking internet connectivity.

Internet Booking in Travelling is Highly Competitive in India 

Mehrotra runs an online travel platform named as This platform mainly focuses in offering global exposure to owners and multiple options to the users. Although, the owners of this platform have the ability to set best prices, they do not do so. This is because customer experience is most important for them.

To become more successful in the market, Mehrotra aims at offering significant choices to both partners and users. She has an inventory of 47,000 properties across India.

Mehrotra also feels there is huge potential for alternate accommodation in the tourism industry. This is because Indians are travelling a lot these days and are more open to alternate good accommodation. Hotels are not just what they are looking at while finding a place to stay.

Regarding the flurry of startups, she adds that smooth business operations should be on top of their agenda. This can be achieved by detecting problems and solving those.