NVIDIA’s Computer Jet Xavier could Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence Technology

NVIDIA’s Computer Jet Xavier could Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence Technology


The need for swift processes within industries has brought autonomous machines and technologies to the fore. The pressure on the industrial and commercial units is expected to further increase as the need for faster processes and better delivery rises. NVIDIA has made an important advancement in this regard by offering a new platform that is meant to support and subsist autonomous machines of various types. The platform, called Isaac, is believed to facilitate artificial intelligence in these machines, thus, making offering agility and pace to the industrial processes. Furthermore, a computer named Jetson Xavier that is specifically meant to cater to the domain of robotics has also been introduced by NVIDIA. The results have already been felt across the company, and NVIDIA is conducting 30 trillion operations per second currently.

Inducting AI in the Framework

The CEO of NVIDIA stated that artificial intelligence (AI) is amongst the most powerful technologies of the current times. He stated that the productivity of several industries could be increased with the induction of AI. The combination of sensors and actuators with AI is expected to become a launch pad for multiple machines over the coming years. The CEO of the company predicted that the domains of warehousing, manufacturing, and home delivery will also be facilitated with the help of artificial intelligence technology.

Configuration of Jetson Xavier

The new computer designed by NVIDIA has six processors that can decrypt complex algorithms. Furthermore, it consists of dual NVDLA deep learning accelerators, an eight-core ARM64 CPU, and a Volta Tensor Core GPU.

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