Novel Technology Enables AI to Function without Internet

Novel Technology Enables AI to Function without Internet


A new technology is paving the path for artificial intelligence (AI) to cut loose with the cloud computing and Internet. This technology has been developed at the University of Waterloo and the software created using this technology is compact enough to perfectly fit on the mobile computer chips to be used in a wide range of products from mobile phones to industrial robots. It permits devices to function without Internet while utilizing AI, which tethered neural networks.

Alexander Wong, a professor of system design engineering at the University of Waterloo and the co-creator of this technology, stated that they believe this technology has enormous potential. This could support a lot of activities and application in many fields where consumers are struggling to gain deep-learning AI in a fully-functional form. “The usage of separate deep-learning AI can lead to a much lower cost of data processing and transmission, improved privacy and utilization in parts, where the current technology is becoming impractical on account of the expense and various other factors,” he added.

The deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI), which imitate the human mind by processing the data via a number of layers of artificial neurons, commonly needs a considerable amount of computational power, energy and memory to operate properly. Researchers closely followed the evolutionary forces that exist in the nature to make this AI much more effective by inserting it in a virtual environment, then gradually and continually depriving it of resources, since this AI responds by adapting to the surrounding and modifying itself to continue to function every time the memory and the computational power are taken away.

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