Notebook Industry to Grow at Healthy Pace, Thanks to Increasing Efforts by Industry Players for Innovation

Notebook Industry to Grow at Healthy Pace, Thanks to Increasing Efforts by Industry Players for Innovation


Today, laptops are losing their importance and demand to notebooks and other equivalents such as life books. The various theories regarding the health hazards caused due to keeping the machine on lap for hours on end is one of the key reasons why users prefer to use notebooks. This has compelled manufacturers to develop air books, notebooks, and life books. The laptop industry has witness a setback with the advent of net books, notebooks, tablets, and chrome books, which has changed the industry’s outlook completely.

Shift to Cloud Computing to Have Positive Impact on Notebook Market

The global notebook market is expected to witness tremendous growth in the coming few years on account of the growing shift towards cloud solution providers. As cloud computing stores data and runs various applications seamlessly over the internet without the need for storing on physical hard drives, the requirement for high powered energy sapping processors found in corporate computing devices is reduced extensively. This shift to cloud is benefitting the notebook market as notebooks come with a diverse range of hardware configurations and are ideal for functioning in a cloud environment and comes within a competitive price range.

2 in 1 Notebooks Witnessing High Demand

Among the various types of notebooks, the 2 in 1 notebooks are most in demand. 2 in 1 notebook is a combination of tablet and laptop, and thus is useful for both personal reasons as well as for business purpose. The global notebook market is witnessing a growth on account of the increasing disposable income of people and thus, a rise in the spending on gaming notebooks, premium notebooks. Another factor aiding the growth of the market is high demand for automation along with the penetration of IoT. This is revolutionizing all technological devices and applications and will positively impact the notebooks industry.

Market Players Focus on Innovation

Market players in the global notebook industry are contributing towards growth by using latest technology and developing innovative features. Industry participants are striving to add new features and abilities in their products, to satisfy the tech savvy customer. Manufacturers are focusing on developing light weight notebooks to increase the convenience and portability of these devices for users all over the world. Increased battery life is another criterion which is being focused on by key manufacturers. As people are increasingly using their notebooks while travelling and in cafes, the demand for long battery life is getting stronger. An important trend in the global notebook market is going beyond keypads and track pads.

Smartphones Likely to Steal Market for Notebooks in Future

On the other hand, the on-the-go workstations may hamper the growth of the global notebooks market. The growing processing power of smartphones will threaten the market for notebooks. Smartphones are no longer a luxury device, but have gained mass popularity and increased penetration worldwide. These phones are becoming increasingly more powerful and a day will come when they get have more functionalities and speed than notebooks. Another factor that will restrict the growth of the notebooks market is the high cost associated with it. Consumers in Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa regions are price sensitive and may not be able to afford expensive and latest notebooks. High import taxes and government duties on imported goods will also hamper the demand for notebooks in the years to come.