Nokia Lumia Amber Update For 520, 620, 720, 820 and 925

Nokia recent smart phones running windows 8 is all set to get smarter with the introduction of Nokia lasted software update for windows phone Amber. According to Nokia official the Amber update for windows phone Lumia 520, 620 , 820 and 925 will be started rolling out from last week of August.

The customer using the above mentioned smart phones will get a message on their mobile that their phone is ready for Amber updates after that its customer choice whether or not they are willing to upgrade but for customers who are still undecided here is what you get for this software update.

Better Camera Features:

The things which are bound to get better is low light photography there will also be a better enhanced noise filter and better auto focus, this features will affect the entire lumia device the ISO setting in Nokia Lumia 920 will increase from 800 to 3200 resulting in much better low light photos.

There will also be Nokia smart camera (925 will be the first device to spot this features) the other lumia phone has to download this apps from windows store after updating your amber software this apps is most ideal when you want to take photo of moving object. With the help of it best shot features you can choose from sharpest image from the series of 1o photos it can also combine several photo shot into single photo by blurring the background with Motion Focus you can also heighten the appearance of speed and with change face you can create ideal group shots by choosing the best faces from a series of photos you can also get rid of photo bombers with remove object options.

Better Video:

With lumia series 920 and 925 you can not only take great photo but you can also edit the video taken from your phone like a pro with the help of Nokia Video Trimmer App and can also upload them to YouTube with the help of Nokia Video Upload.

Nokia Screen Glance:

This one was most requested apps with amber update you can bring the clock to your screen when the phone is inactive along with the indicator to show the battery level you can also check the profile of your phone and can just with glance come to know whether or not your phone is in silent mode.

Activation the Nokia screen glace is quite simple you have to go to the section Settings by swiping left to ‘glance’ you can also flip the phone to make it silent and double tap it to make the phone unlock these were the two hot demands from the loyal Nokia customers.

Storage check and faster Map Update: If you are running out of memory you can now easily find the culprit (photos or video you don’t need now) and deal with it you can also download maps of favorite locality and street faster without updating the whole country map.

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