No Outrunning This Spider-Bot Which can Walk and Then Roll Twice as Fast

No Outrunning This Spider-Bot Which can Walk and Then Roll Twice as Fast


If your nightmares are made up of spiders chasing you, then you will not want to cross paths with Festo’s latest creation. The German technology enterprise has constructed a robotic spider, which could very well make arachnophobics wary.

Termed as the BionicWheelBot, with 8 spindly legs, the robo-spider is enabled to walk, run and transfigure into a rolling wheel that can chase at high speeds. The Festo scientists have modeled the robo-spider after an existing and very real spider called the flic-flac, which is quite well known for its unusual, atypical movements.

While Boston Dynamic has earlier created robots such as the SpotMini and ATLAS, which are robots that have been specifically engineered to substitute for humanity, Festo on average creates far less alarming robots. They have been known for creating hooping kangaroos and flying butterflies-which typically generate awe rather than unease.

The flic-flac spider, commonly occurs in desert habitats, and is quite common in the Moroccan dessert. The flic-flac can walk like regular spiders, but it also comprises of an ability to cartwheel roll, thereby propelling itself into the air. This is typically done to thwart any predators.

The BionicWheelBot designed by Festo is constructed in such a way that it can move just like the flic-flac spider. The BionicWheeBot can bend its six legs that are placed three on each side, to make a wheel like structure. This enables the robo-spider to roll. To move forward while rolling, two legs of the robot extend. The company reports that while rolling, the BionicWheelBot is twice as fast, than it is while walking. So, if you are trying to ruun away, its probably liable to get a hold of you in no time.

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