New Technology to Revolutionize Wireless Security

New Technology to Revolutionize Wireless Security


Wi-Fi security has taken a giant step forward after almost 14 years. It is with the recent launch of the WPA3. This is because WPA3 standard enables customized encryption to protect data from eavesdropping from within the WiFi network.

The WPA3 is a much more evolved of the WPA2 which was rolled out in 2004. But the latter allowed deployment of “wired” pointed out, an offline dictionary attack aimed at unearthing the password of the target. The attacker can try as many times as possible to get the password right. They can guess one’s credentials by running along the overall dictionary and other resources in a short span of time.

The WPA3 Technology Could be Used for Personal and Enterprise-use

Its latest version called WPA3 Wi-Fi is much more difficult to hack. The most recent Wi-Fi routers have better protection for data flowing among computers, smart home devices and smart phones on ones’ internet connections. It involves two types of operation – WPA3-Enterprise and WPA3-Personal.

The WPA3-Enterprise is expected to boost the workplace security by offering around 192-bit cryptographic strength. What it means is extra protection for networks transporting data which is sensitive.

WPA3-Personal makes use of Simultaneous Authentication of Equals, which is a safe key protocol for establishment among devices. This would strongly protect users from attempts by third-party to guess passwords. What is interesting to note is that most of the tech watching sites have pegged the system as very solid bulwark against any form of attack.

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