New Technology to Combat against Vehicle Number Plate Thefts

New Technology to Combat against Vehicle Number Plate Thefts


Researchers are ready to introduce technology testing to improve vehicle identification. The technology is also able to combat against number plate thefts or misuse. One of the technologies called radio frequency identification (RFID) sticker, which is under trial, is working efficiently. A front screen of vehicle could find application as a third number plate. This is the most effective way, researchers from La Trobe University in Australia claims.
This self-destructing sticker will empower police to distinguish stolen vehicles or those with duplicated number plate. The second innovation is Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC), which can communicate with street guidelines. This innovation, which is able to read street guidelines, might have applications in recognizing automated vehicles in the coming future.

Benefits of These Advancements

These digital identification methods are making it harder to hide vehicle identity. As the digital technologies move faster to coordinate, they can easily identify a stolen or cloned number plate. The existing technology in use is benefiting current searches; also, the adoption of advanced number place identification systems will work effectively.

Aniruddha Desai, Director of the Center for Technology Infusion (CTI) at La Trobe said that CTI would be conducting tests. In addition, it will analyze the performance in the live arrangement. The Center will analyze dependability on computerized vehicle identification proof in an effective way. The preliminaries at CTI will decide the advancements in work and their correlation with existing guidelines. Stolen or cloned number plates are useful in covering the vehicle’s identity while carrying out different crimes.

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