New Technologies Changing Transportation Sector Big Time

New Technologies Changing Transportation Sector Big Time

taxi-1209542_960_720University of California’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center has revealed insights on the travel sector. As per its co-director Susan Shaheen, the sector would see many game-changing developments in the next couple of years. This could change the way we travel altogether.

This, of course means, much more seamless transportation powered by latest technologies. It also means more number of transportation choices, including electric scooters and bikes.
Some the key trends, about to shape the future of transportation are as follows:


This is expected to change the face of land transport forever by drastically slashing travel time between cities. This would be achieved by pods travelling at supersonic speeds inside a semi-vacuum tube having zero friction. Not just, it would also use magnetic levitation to float vehicles above the track so reduce friction further. Electric propulsion would hurtle the vehicle forward.

Being capital intensive, only a handful of deep pocketed companies are working on it. Those include Virgin Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. In fact, Virgin Hyperloop One has already mopped up US$295 million from investors, namely GE Ventures, Virgin Group, and SNCF.

Zero-emission Travel

With thrust on curbing vehicular pollution everywhere, zero-emission transportation is gaining prominence. Developed nations across the world, especially in Europe, now boast of a fleet of zero-emission hydrogen buses. Meanwhile, developing nations are following suit by rolling out policies and infrastructure for the clean electric vehicles – buses and cars.

Cycle Sharing

The cleanest form of transport, cycle is now getting popular in various developed nations with proper tracks. Take of example Copenhagen, the Danish capital. Its well-developed cycling lanes have made cycle sharing an often used means of transport.

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