New Smart Stop Signal to Reduce Road Accidents

New Smart Stop Signal to Reduce Road Accidents

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The U.S. Department of Transportation states that half of the road mishaps occur on rural roads. This might be due to darkness or speed of vehicles at intersections. In order to avoid these accidents, there are numerous ongoing initiatives by non-governmental organizations and the government bodies. Also, researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) are trying to improve the visibility of stop signs. The researchers have developed a low-cost and self-powered thermal system, which detects vehicles and helps prevent accidents.
The existing stop signs on rural roads are hard to notice, thus resulting

in accidents. The Federal Highway Administration states that rural roads account for 70% of the nation’s byways. Among all the accidents, it accounts for 54% accidental deaths.

The device will be Effective for Reducing Accidents


It has 90% vehicle detection rate and accuracy of 72% in a vehicle classification. In addition, it is very less expensive to produce compared to current safety systems that cost almost US$5,000.

Also, it has sensors for observing thermal signatures and its processes detect vehicles on the road. Additionally, it distinguishes its direction of travel and estimates speed. The sensors screen the thermal signature and detect vehicles.
The self-powered off-roadway systems mainly on urban or rural roads will function in all weather conditions.

The low-control rural crossing point detection and warning systems have developed with help from Connect program. The team has recorded the test results, which got recognition from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association. The organization hopes to embrace the technology for detection of pedestrians, primarily for rural security.

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