New Robot Can Assemble Simple IKEA Chair

New Robot Can Assemble Simple IKEA Chair

612500e87d6ad359e670e534ca9e2743_f546954Assembling pieces of your furniture once they are delivered from the store can be quite a task. Following the instructions while faced with a wide variety of screws and planks can be daunting at times. But fret no more, for a new breed of robots are here that can assemble a chair from furniture giant IKEA in just a couple of minutes.

A team of scientists from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore recently built a robot that can assemble a chair from the Swedish furniture company precisely within 8 minutes and 55 seconds. This can make even the smartest do-it-yourself (DIY) a solid competition.

Robot Has Two Mechanical Arms

The robot is comprised of two mechanical arm with grippers that set about doing their task by clicking photos of the parts lying on the floor using a 3D camera. Both the arms have motions similar to that of humans. There are also sensors fitted on the wrists to keep a tab on the amount of pressure being exerted by the mechanical fingers. This enables it to hold small parts deftly.

The overall function is highly complicated, explain the scientists who build the robots. This is because, the entire process consists of various steps such as figuring out where the different parts of the chair are, the exact amount of pressure needed to grip the different parts, and ensuring the arms do not bump into one another while moving.

The group of scientists now plan to take their creation a notch higher by working on how it can build furniture a la humans or be useful in the aircraft and automotive manufacturing industry. However, at present, its usage is limited only to assembling of a simple chair by IKEA.

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