New Portable 3-D Skin Printer to Repair Deep Wounds

New Portable 3-D Skin Printer to Repair Deep Wounds


The researchers at the University of Toronto have recently developed a 3D-skin printer capable of healing deep wounds on the surface of the skin. The device is equipped with the ability to deposit layers of skins on the affected area that would help in swift healing of the wounds. The team of researchers asserts that the 3D-skin printer is the first of its kind and has the ability to deposit skin layers in lesser than two minutes. The device is expected to be a core advancement on dual fronts, i.e. dermatology and surgical procedures.

Currents Option for Skin Repair

In case of severe wounds, all the three layers of the skin including the dermis, epidermis, and hypodermis get scrapped off or may be heavily damaged. A method known as split thickness skin grafting is currently used to heal the damaged skin wherein healthy skin from a donor is grafted onto the affected area. However, this method has major limitations because in case of severe wounds, a large amount of donor skin is required to be grafted. However, it is difficult to get such large skin patches which in turn leave the wounds unhealed and prone to further damage. Artificially engineered skin patches are also available but they are not always successful in healing the skin.

In-Situ Skin Printer

Due to the ineffectiveness of the current options of treatment, the 3D-skin printers are expected to be in great demand over the coming years. The researchers firmly believe that their product would overcome all of the challenges faced in healing severe deep-skin wounds.

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