New Nokia Lumia 1520 Specs, Price And Review By Tech You N Me

In the world of Tablets and Smartphones, it is very difficult to buy a Similar within your budget. Since the Nokia has summoned with Microsoft, the design and features has been updated. What if you want to have an experience of Tablet or Smartphone with Nokia within your budget, then looking for Phablets would stop your market search. Even there are so many Phablets providing firms, the experience of Windows phone 8 with Nokia can be have with its new latest update Nokia Lumia 1520 having a full HD display of 1080p.

As it has big screen of 6inch that is about to closer to Tablet Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire. What is good with its new updated version is that you can enjoy the HD display with Quad-Core processor both at same time. The need comes to the point that Want to have a big screen phone or not. It has very thin size to make itself very comfortable even it has wider and taller size than others. Comfort-ability ends at one point that your fingers would get hurt when you would work on 1520 as your tips of fingers would not get any rest and it will create a trouble for your fingers.

Attractive Design and Display:

It is a 6 inch extremely comfortable to hold Phablet that is available in black, yellow and red color. It is very smooth on back side without having any special material. It is only the one that produces the 1080 pixel (368 PPI)HD display experience. While you are wearing gloves, you can use its touch screen without any trouble.

The 1520 is provided with so flexibility that even you can adjust its color profile and display according to you. It provides better display angles even in direct sunlight.Its very light weight about 40g and big display screen makes it very attractive.

OS Hardware and Features:

Nokia Lumia 1520 has been provided with Quad Core processor clocking at 2.2GHz and having 2GB RAM. It is the most and very powerful configuration available. With its latest software updating platform combined with Nokia and Microsoft, the updates for its product has also been magnified.

While you are traveling, you can use its Driving Mode feature that will help you form distractions. With 1520, you can tap on an open app in app switcher and can free with the background running applications. This improves the multi-tasking features. Nokia has provided its very latest update named as Black Update that will allow all your notifications to be display on your locked display screen and let you choose many color options in night mode.


The important and mostly choosy feature of every handset is Camera and with Lumia 1520, it is better than others. Nokia 1520 has 20MP PureView sensor camera with Pro cam and Refocus apps. Pro cam is there to help you click the pics while Refocus will let you manipulate focus and adjusts the color of clicked photos.

Battery and Verdict

While Nokia is known to its Battery life, the Lumia 1520 is provided with 3400mAh battery that is very good. While you are listening music or browsing web or clicking pics or having a long time communication, you would feel good all the time with its battery life.

Price and Verdict:

Although it is a good or better display Phablets but everyone would not thumps up for it. Why? Because it is so wider than you can’t put in your pocket easily. When you will use its keypad, you will fell your fingers in trouble. Even having a very good image quality, the camera of 1520 is not of so much good resolution. Even it is a watershed phone in the world of Windows phone, the software of 1520 need to be more acceptable. About its price, it will cost the same as Nokia previous Windows Phablet having almost $585 or in $199 on contact basis.

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