New Mobile Airbag to come Handy to Save Smartphone if Dropped

New Mobile Airbag to come Handy to Save Smartphone if Dropped

adcase-active-damping-case-iphone-airbag-caseWhile smartphones have leaped in every respect from the earliest one, preventing a smartphone from damage in the event of an accidental drop was so far not yet addressed. It takes only a moment for touchscreen phones to lose all the investment or even extend to negative if complete replacement is required, such as in iPhone, in the event of a damage. After dealing with the problem for many years there seems to be a solution to this.

Invented by Engineering Student Mobile Airbag Prevents Smartphone Internals from Smashing

A new device that looks like an airbag has been invented by an engineering student from Germany. The “mobile airbag” inflates during drops. Formally called the active damping “AD” phone case, the mobile airbag protects the phone display from smashing if the phone is dropped. It does so by ejecting springs from all the sides that act as an airbag.

The invention of the mobile airbag is credited to an engineering student in Germany who broke his smartphone by flinging his jacket on the banister. The fling was so forceful that the internals of the smartphone came off and scattered. This made him embark on a research journey to discover a solution to this problem.

Following to fiddling with the device for four years, the student came up with a phone case equipped with sensors that can detect if the phone is falling. The sensors in the phone case detects the fall and instantly deploys four springs on the edges to screen the phone, and thus the phone bounces back without damage in the event of a fall.

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