New Feature of Chrome to Ensure User Privacy

New Feature of Chrome to Ensure User Privacy

shutterstock_488632870-1 (1)A new feature in a developer version of Google Chrome exists, and it will be available in other browsers. This feature will allow blocking of websites for accessing data from motion sensors, light sensors, and gyroscopes. This feature is now available for protecting the privacy of users accessing Chrome from desktop and Android versions of Chrome. During testing of the feature, they observed that they were able to collect information about the moving vehicle.

The browsing habits of developers collect data from motion sensors for identifying the unique patterns for tracking the fingerprints online. Google’s Chromium developers have discussed the change as the Techdows spotted the change.

One more step to ensure user privacy


Google is focusing more on the improvement of safety and data privacy for its users. With this feature, the Chrome owner tech giant is taking the next step for improving user privacy. Thus, the company is allowing users to decide some websites that cannot access the valuable data. The latest feature of Google Chrome, alert users in case any website is trying to access sensors. This works in the same way as it asks users to grant permission for the camera, microphone, and GPS data.

The new desktop version of Chrome Canary allows users to access sites or to blacklist or whitelist particular websites. However, the current Android version of Chrome Canary has a simple buckle control, which governs all website behavior. This feature will available with Chrome 75 – advanced version of current Chrome 73.

This feature is available with the Chrome Canary. Users can go to chrome://settings/content/sensors to check the working of sensors. Additionally, it is offering features such as dark mode during the Google searches.

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