New Development to Make Lithium-ion Batteries Safer to Use

New Development to Make Lithium-ion Batteries Safer to Use


Demand for the cheaper, safe and stable batteries is growing. Lithium-ion batteries are the most suitable for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, the batteries have drawbacks such as thermal runaway in which they can catch fire due to too much heat.

Thus, the researchers are exploring better alternatives for fixing this problem and its associated volatility. The researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas discovered that the problem is not associated with the battery materials. They found that the cathode material at the surface is the actual problem. Making the stabilized surface can improve the performance of batteries.

The journal Advanced Energy Materials published the paper on 10 January.

One of the researchers said that constant charging degrades the material. Thus, the battery catches fire.

Is This a Good News?


The lead author of the study said that the only problematic part of the battery is surface. On addressing this problem, the battery will be safer to use in numerous applications. During addressing the problem, few changes in the existing battery can improve the battery.

Additionally, the project is at the edge of commercial viability. Thus, the product will be in the market in the coming few years, as it has applications in numerous products. This improved battery will improve the overall performance of electronic devices by lowering risks associated with it.

Based on these findings, the researcher said the industry interest in the project is growing. The new cathode materials can be applicable for enhancing the performance of electric vehicle batteries. The group is also collaborating with the US Naval Research Laboratory on a project for enhancing the capacity of cathode materials.

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