New Computer Program to safeguard food manufacturing from pathogens

New Computer Program to safeguard food manufacturing from pathogens

beer-1513436_960_720A new computer program developed by Cornell university scientists, promises to clear food production facilities pathogen free in the near future.

The program known as EnABLe, would provide stimulated environments to managers to help them identify most likely contaminated places on their facility. Pathogen Listeria monocytogens are quite rare but infect more than 1,600 people in the US each year. This program alerts food managers of areas with large bacteria presence to safeguard food supplies.

EnABLe stands for Environmental Monitoring with an Agent-Based Model of Listeria. The innovative program can be customized to identify a wide variety of microbes for a variety of applications. The computer model was first reported in Scientific Reports on Jan 24.

The computer virtualization holds many promises

According to Renata Ivanek, the goal of the computer model was to develop a decision-based support tool. The dynamic structure of the program allows it to be applied in any complex environment.

The program can account for historical perspectives, expert analysis, equipment details, cleaning schedule, other people related tasks and materials and keep an eye on materials and people coming into the facility.

The research was funded by the Frozen Food foundation. Renata Ivanek, a co-author of the paper collaborated with Martin Wiedmann to publish the research.

The authors hope the program would also provide clues to veterinary hospitals, where many cases of E.coli bacteria are reported. It promises to virtualize complex food environments, which are often being seen from simple individual perspectives. The computer program holds a promise for cleaner food supplies as regulations and the size of food production facilities keeps growing.

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