New CEO Jim Hackett Faces Big Task to Rejuvenate Ford Motor Company

New CEO Jim Hackett Faces Big Task to Rejuvenate Ford Motor Company


Ford Motor Company have announced the appointment of Jim Hackett, previously the head of Ford’s Smart Mobility division, to replace outgoing CEO Mark Fields. Apart from his valuable experience in Ford’s own Smart Mobility division, Hackett is also well-known for his time as CEO of Steelcase, a furniture company based in Michigan.

The appointment comes at a crucial juncture for Ford Motor Company, with the company struggling to maintain a balance for the consistent demand for trucks and the need to look to the future and develop electric and automated vehicle systems.

 A Man with a Plan: What is Jim Hackett Like? 

Popular at his previous workplace at Ford’s Smart Mobility division, Hackett is also renowned for his well-directed and focused approach towards management. Hackett is said to have helped bring a clear philosophy in the Smart Mobility division by focusing on what the customer may need instead of going along with popularity as a metric for excellence. This made the division’s output highly innovative and targeted towards unmet needs. Hackett is also a regular at TED conferences, further revealing the psyche of a man who likes to understand his surroundings well and form a clear plan before taking a leap.

Ford’s strong collaboration with other forms of urban transportation is a key part of Hackett’s achievements. Ford’s significant investment in both Chariot, a van shuttle service, and Motivate, a bike-sharing provider, signify a forward-thinking view to establishing a strong presence in the urban transportation sector rather than focusing on automobiles. Due to the rising congestion and pollution problems created by the widespread urbanization in developed economies, such moves are likely to be vital for the future of the automotive industry.

According to Hackett’s longtime collaborator and founder of pioneering design firm IDEO, Hackett’s management is not only effective but also cohesive. According to him, Hackett should have no problems in endearing himself to his new employee group, and Ford can look forward to an era of no-holds-barred brainstorming allied to firm and decisive action.

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