New App for Narrating the Surrounding to Blind People

New App for Narrating the Surrounding to Blind People


‘Seeing AI’ of Microsoft is an application that allows blind or limited-vision people to convert visual data into audio feedback. The company developed a very useful app by adding a new feature. Users can touch to identify the objects and people in uploaded photos. Additionally, it can describe currencies, people, texts, colors, and objects.

The machine learning-based project has expertise in the object or scene recognition. In addition, it is simple to use by the opening viewer and tapping what you want to explore. The app brings together technologies such as AI and cloud for navigating objects useful for blind people.

Saqib Shaikh, the Seeing AI project-lead, said that this easy-handling technology offers touch feature on screen and description of objects. The facial recognition feature of the app also explains the physical appearance of people and their behavior. Additionally, the user can upload a picture of anything and the app describes what is in that picture.

Benefits of the app:


The app just allows users to tap around for finding the objects, which are important for understanding and recognizing surroundings. However, it cannot explain other details into the description, which includes the closer inspection of the objects on the screen. The app has some flaws and the company is working on it. For example, the user can upload a picture of flowers, the app is able to describe the flower but it can’t explain its background.

Additionally, the app can support iPad. Thus, it can be beneficial for the Apple users. The small improvements in the interface by the company have improved its use. These things in-app will lead to an increase in app preferences.