NEVS Unveil InMotion Self-driving Living Room Car Concept

NEVS Unveil InMotion Self-driving Living Room Car Concept


As is invariably the case with new ideas, we can only hope for them to see the day of light in future but if the concept of InMotion indeed achieves commercialization, we may be sitting in living-room-like environment on our way to work. Electric vehicles and autonomous cars are the latest trends that promises to revolutionize the automotive sector, and now National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) have introduced InMotion, which combines home comforts with driverless cars. Their aspiration is to add quality to life by not wasting time behind the wheel.

Adjust Car Interiors to Your Liking with an App

Unveiled at CES Asia in Shanghai, InMotion electric level 5 autonomous aspires to add safety and swiftness to traveling in a metropolitan city, offering the occupants an ability to adjust seating arrangements, lighting, ambience, and other settings inside the car with the help of an app. Even the windows will act as displays in order to maximize the workspace. It has a plastic rhomboid shape and wheel pods with adjustable interiors.

Convenience, Reduced Pollution, and Wireless Technologies at its Backbone

The concept of InMotion is working towards effective shared mobility, which means more time for friends, family, or work. Not only that, effectively mobility solutions will mean decreased number of cars, which in turn will significantly reduce the pollution. The InMotion car will have wireless charging as well as motion function control from personal device. 

InMotion is along the same lines as Mercedes Benz F015 and Google Bus concepts, which have been announced in the same recent past. However, it remains to be seen how feasible are the practicality of it, especially when existing autonomous laws require that drivers must be able to take control of the car anytime.

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