Neural Networks May Live and Reproduce like Humans in Future

Neural Networks May Live and Reproduce like Humans in Future


Innovations in science have proved time and again, even next to impossible can be imagined and achieved. A time when artificial intelligence is making headway stirring revolution in computer systems, researchers have yet again though beyond. This time around they are looking to develop artificial neural networks, which will reproduce like humans, distinguish between men and women, believe in God, and have western or eastern mindsets.

What is an Artificial Neural Network? 

An artificial neural network (ANN) can be defined as a high-potential segment within artificial intelligence. It is used to build an analogy of how neurons or human nerve cells are interconnected. This structure receives is capable of self-learning as it receives feedback from its actions. Scientists claim that ANNs are designed to take on certain kinds of human intelligence functions. For instance, ANNs can make optimal decision or choose from options based on earlier experience. Like neurons send electric signals to one another, ANN elements interact using binary codes. A distinct feature in neural network is its ability to store knowledge and become smarter. However, the question still remains if artificial neural networks can become clever enough to gain self-awareness and conscience.

Key Insights into Artificial Neural Network as Expressed by Alexey Sitnikov 

Professor Alexey Sitnikov in the CIPR conference in Russia gave insights in the same lines and outlined the necessary conditions for Sputnik to have personality formation. He underscored that conscience and personality cannot emerge without society even if the same is allowed by physiology. He also added that neural networks in Japan and China may have an eastern approach in decision making. According to Alexey Sitnikov when competition is stirred between neural networks, only those developing each other in a combinative way will survive.