Need for Measuring Smartness of AI Devices

Need for Measuring Smartness of AI Devices

AI Devices

Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized our lives by offering technologies that make use of algorithms which help them learn from our behaviour. As artificial intelligence develops further and starts to think  and not only just learn from our human behaviour, do we understand the impact of these machines on our jobs? We are walking towards the world with the different aspects of our daily lives controlled by these systems and within a decade or so machines may help diagnose diseases in patients but eliminating the need and expertise of a doctor, they may start making judicial recommendations based on a large set of legal decisions and also drive our cars for us. With machines capability growing every day, they will be given the ability to perform the tasks which are mundane and humans don’t want to do. These machines will also do the tasks which is humanly impossible.

Everything as of now is going in the direction of boosting human efficiency in performance and helping humans to concentrate on areas which actually require their attention such as creativity, strategy, and empathy. However, as artificial intelligence devices are also developed to think and make decisions on its own without human interference, the future human jobs may be in the dark. Future machines are anticipated to be extremely powerful and intelligent not only because there faster but also because they will have cognitive functionalities which humans do not have.

The question then arises how can we measure the intelligence of smartness of the system which is built. Hernandez-Orallo has recently published  book “The Measure of all Minds” where he talks about the development of universal tests of intelligence, which will be common for animals, humans, and robots.

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